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10 Tips to Help Your Photographer Get Amazing Wedding Day Pictures.

There are many elements that influence the beauty and elegance of your wedding day images. Of course, your choice of photographer is of the utmost importance but also your choice of venue, the weather, your details etc…

When you hire a professional photographer, they have the experience and skill to capture all of the special moments throughout your wedding day with the talent and creativity that you have seen in their portfolios. They are there to document your story.


Below are 10 simple things that you can do that will really help your photographer maximize their time on your wedding day…

The Beginning

At the time your photographer is due to arrive…do not be “ready to go do photos”. You want to document the getting ready part too: final touches on the makeup, the putting on of the dress, your mother helping you with your necklace etc… these things also tell your story!


A shorter, casual wedding day is one thing but trying to pack 9 hours worth of activity into a 6 hour time schedule will not allow you to cherish every moment. A realistic pace to your wedding day will reduce stress greatly and in turn show the true joy of your day in your photographs.


The getting ready room is often chaotic and can become quite messy. Before your wedding day appoint someone to maintain this space by clearing out unnecessary clutter and trash. You do not want all of that in your pictures.

Consider the weather: 

Your dress choices are important for your wedding season. A full tux for groom and a traditional Ball Gown for bride are probably not the best choices for a wedding in August in Florida. Heavy perspiring and unwillingness to go outside can greatly reduce many photo opportunities.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting: When planning your wedding, remember that natural light always makes for the best wedding images. Consider the lighting in the your getting ready room, the ceremony location and keep in mind ceremony time. If you are tying the knot at sunset…you may want to do all of the formal portraits beforehand while there is still light.

Candid shots

Candid photographs are often the best images but it is a great idea to be aware of your photographer‘s whereabouts. If you persistently turn your back to their camera when they come around, you‘ll inevitablely have a few more pictures of your back side than front.


Discuss with your fiancé and family about the photography. Often photography is more important to one half of the couple and if everyone is aware how you feel, it can encourage your loved ones be more involved for enthusiastic and fun images.


When you are concentrating and talking, do you scowl or furrow your brow and frown? Remember to relax. You have spent a lot of time and energy to plan this day…now enjoy it. It will show in your photographs.

Your 3rd cousin twice removed? 

The more posed formal shots that you request, the more time your photographer is spending lining people up instead of capturing the true story of your day. To do you own math related to amount of time needed for formals, figure about 3 minutes per grouping. It really adds up fast. Formals are very important but it‘s best to keep it simple.

No missed opportunities

 If there is food provided for your photographer (which is customary for longer wedding hours) the best time for your photographer to eat is when all of your guests begin their own meals. No one wants their picture taken while shoveling food in their mouths anyway and this ensures everyones finishes at the same time so that no photo opportunities are missed.

Weddings are emotional, beautiful and fun and all of that can show in your photographs with a bit of planning!

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