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Tips for your Boudoir Session 

Boudoir sessions hit the scene a few years ago with a frenzy of trendy. If you haven’t heard of them before I’d be surprised but let me give you a quick low-down. A boudoir session is a private, sexy, flirty, playful photo shoot. The session is not about nudity but about sensuality. The images can be and look beautiful put together in a small “black book” for your significant other. Boudoir sessions are done in your home, in the photographer’s studio space and often in unique boutique styled hotel rooms.


Recently, my boudoir session inquiries have increased and a lot of questions have come up as well. Preparing for your Boudoir Session is fun and exciting but it is also not unusual to feel a little nervous. Rest assured, I will coach you to make you look your absolute best but here are a few tips that may help you feel at ease and look amazing…

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Before Your Session

Before your session

  • Upping your water intake a few days before session can give you an extra healthy glow about your skin.

  • Keep skin moisturized…also for that healthy glow.

  • Being well rested, maybe even for a few days before your session date, can do wonders for skin and eyes.

  • Don't attempt any thing excessively new or drastic to your body right before the session. ie: new haircut, hair treatment, facial, tan, wax etc…

  • Wear looser clothing to your session to prevent lines on your skin that could show up in your images.

  • I recommend a fresh shave prior to your session to prevent stubborn little stubbles.

  • Try on outfits, stockings, makeup and anything else you are unaccustomed to wearing  to make sure it looks as you’d like it to!

  • Consider practicing poses and facial expressions in front of the mirror. This may seem silly but it truly does help. Here is a link to a pin board with pose ideas.

  • Give yourself the gift of a manicure and pedicure.

  • For makeup, think eyes, cheeks, lips! (Quality fake eyelashes are dramatic and sexy.)

Ideas for what to bring

what to bring

  • Lingerie: corsets, classic or modern and playful underthings. Boy short panties or low-rise are flattering to most figures and usually photograph better than thongs..

  • Stockings or thigh highs. - High heels / boots - Accessories long necklaces, bold earrings, big flashy rings, bird cage veil (get creative).

  • Something that belongs to your Significant Other. ie. tie, hat, jersey, button up, etc. 

  • Daily clothing can be fun too  ie. cardigan, tank top, fitted button up shirt, pencil skirt. These items can be paired with cute undergarments to make a very sexy and less skimpy outfit.

  • Any other items you'd like to incorporate into your session.

  • An Mp3 player, wine or champagne can be fun to have at your session and can really help you feel relaxed and playful!

  • A friend or 2. Obviously only bring friends that you feel *very* comfortable with. Sometimes friends make it feel more like a party and can help you to relax and laugh and have fun.

Heading 1

have fun

Relaxing, laughing and having fun is what it is all about! We offer boudoir sessions in the Atlanta Georgia and Asheville North Carolina Tallahassee Florida areas. Drop me line if you’d like to set up a boudoir session to surprise your LOVE!

True Beauty is the Flame of Self-Confidence which Shines from the Inside Out.

- Barrie Davenport

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